How to use OMM

If you've any questions, just drop a mail first to, and if you're ready to go, have your files in the right format and have prepared them for mixing and/or mastering (please read Advice and FAQ first if you haven't), send your tracks, including any reference tracks and information about fades, if they're singles/EP etc, by clicking on the link below:

Transfer files

Please make sure your email address is correct. I'll acknowledge receipt within 24 hours.

For straight mastering, I mix check every track, meaning if one or more elements of the track *really* need fixing in the mix, then I'll let you know rather than just trying to do a major repair job on your work. If you don't have access to your mix anymore then nil desperandum, I'll work with what I've got. I aim to turnaround all work within 7 days, it's usually quicker, but I'll let you know if I'm particularly busy or will need more time, such as for mixing an album.

Once I've finished a track, I'll send you a link to a decent length, full quality sample. If you like what you hear, I'll send you a PayPal invoice. On payment I'll send you a download link for the full version.

The way I work is that if you don't like what I do for you, you don't pay, and you don't use what I've done. Until I've established a working relationship with a new client (just one track signed off and paid for) I do only send samples of the master, 3/4 of the track or thereabouts. I hate doing that, but I'm sure you understand why I do. After this, I always send full tracks.

I used to have a different payment structure for albums/ep's, but now I only do one track at a time, payment once it's signed off. It's more legwork but it simplifies things a lot, most people seem to prefer it. I don't work on projects exclusively, as I've a regular pool of producers who send me stuff on a weekly basis, and I have to give everyone a fair slice of the pie, so 8 tracks for mixing may take 3-4 weeks to get done, also contingent on getting timely feedback on the tracks I send for approval/revision.

I am always mindful that tracks are part of a project however, and they do get referenced to each other along the way, and I may do a (free) further mastering 'tweak run' once I've got everything signed off individually.

I'm happy to make any number of changes and tweaks to your specifications, but I'll always let you know if in my opinion it's going to be problematic, cause ear fatigue, make bass bins/fans explode etc. If it's clear that we're *really* not working well together, or you've very unrealistic expectations of what I can do for you, then I may decline any further work on a project.