Cheap Online Mixing & Mastering is......

I'm currently not accepting any work as I'm off wandering for a while, at least till the latter part of 2019, I'll post an update on here when I'm open for business again - as ever and always, thanks to all my clients old and new, keep banging the rocks together!

....pretty much what it says on the tin. I aim to provide the best value mastering and mixing services on the internet. This is a BS free zone, so let me clear some things up:

The services I provide are not meant to compete with those from a big studio with lots of outboard gear and massive monitoring systems in purpose built rooms, check out me and my stuff to see what I do use. I also don't do DDP for CD duplication runs unless you really need it. What you get are individual, industry standard high quality WAV (other formats by request) suitable for nearly all online/real world commercial and promotional uses.

I offer free mix checking and free samples of each finished track for your approval before payment, and am always willing to make changes, though I may suggest and explain why I think you shouldn't - that's part of my job!

You do often get what you pay for in all things, and mixing/mastering is no exception. It's also fair to say you often don't get what you pay for, and I've heard awful masters from services that charge *much* more than quite respectable masters I've had back from bargain basement places.

There's a bit of treachery afoot with online mastering houses claiming to have £££/$$$ of outboard gear and pictures to match, when really they've got a cracked version of Cubase, a free multiband compressor and some bling hi fi speakers in their perfectly square room. Caveat emptor, dude.

Click on 'Me and my stuff'. Safe to say I'm modest enough in my claims to be believeable!

There is also some very unfair bashing of budget audio services going on at the moment by certain online advice sites, claiming that just because someone charges below what the 'professionals' consider a realistic price we must all just be slapping presets on tracks and spending minutes per job. You have just as much chance of getting a rubbish, rushed service from someone charging 'pro' rates in my opinion. I spend as much time as a track needs and give everything the same amount of care. This means I'm generally working for less than the minimum UK wage, living very frugally and doing the occasional McJob to make ends meet. It's a privilege to work in music, and people who look down on the thousands of studios around the world who give a great service for very little gain, and by association the artists who can only afford these kind of rates, can get stuffed. You should be ashamed.

Please do read my advice regarding your mixes, how you should prepare them, the importance of printing stems (regardless of whether you use them for mastering), what it is I actually do and why.