Me and my stuff

Me - I've been involved in recording music for over 30 years and have a very broad range of experience, from playing/writing/recording in metal/indie bands in the late 80's, embracing computers in electronic music from the early 90's, scoring and recording for theatre, film and dance, and most recently producing a EDM under a variety of alias/styles. I'm as comfortable working with gentle, woody folk music as I am hard edged electronic mayhem, and understand the sensibilities of everything in between. I'm also a trained radio technician and software engineer, so understand the technical aspects of online music and public broadcast to a fine degree.

My stuff - I currently use Pro Tools 9 and Reaper on an Avid certified workstation, and use the full mastering and metering suite from IK Multimedia. I use Yamaha HS50 monitors with a custom built sub, Sennheiser HD650 headphones, a switched bank of 6 reference speakers to check translation and a closed loop FM broadcast unit to simulate radio limiting. My studio has been analysed and treated to level out frequency response across the spectrum, including 2 entire walls of membrane traps to control the low end. It's not perfect by a long shot, but it ain't bad either.

I do own outboard gear, but it'd be misleading to say I use it in day to day mixing and mastering. Nearly everything I use for this service is in the box, as that is where my best 'gear' resides these days.